Some Starting Ideas

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Some Starting Ideas

Post  User Name on Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:30 pm

So, I have constructed a basic thing in the case of us playing an RPG with stats and whatnot. I figure it's going to be alike to Paper Mario's battling system. I can explain things more in-depth if that's cool.

I've also come up with a couple enemy stats, and some weapons, all based on Minecraft stuffs. I'll make stuffs not based on Minecraft sometime, though.

HP: 15
SP: 5
MP: 0
Atk: 3 + Weapon Strength
Def: 0 + Armour Strength
Brain: 0

Basic Attack: Attacks with weapon on-hand.

Special Attack: Mounts a spider, giving the spider the chance to use their Duo Attack.

HP: 20
SP: 0
Atk: 5
Def: 0
Brain: 0

Basic Attack: Run towards an enemy, exploding. Kills self in process.

Wooden Sword: Atk +1
Stone Sword: Atk +3
Golden Sword: Atk +1
Iron Sword: Atk +5
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